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29 Mar 2024



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Experienced Groomer

Earn $55,000 to $115,000 each year doing what you love – Keeping dogs looking and feeling great! On top of considerable earnings potential, our experienced groomers enjoy blending their artistry and skill to make a positive difference in their doggie-clients’ lives! 

A no-mess shampoo. Properly-clipped nails. Regular trims. Sparkling teeth. Doggie-fresh breath. 

You support all of these markers of a happy, healthy dog. Your knowledge of canine skin, hair, nails and teeth assures that our PUPS Club members’ “fur-children” enjoy a full, quality life. After all, you know how overgrown nails affect a dog’s mobility or gait, or how matted fur pulls at the skin and causes pain (and infections).

Our groomer apprentices also learn from the best! Our professional groomers are as passionate about their doggie clients as you are about the canine kind. They have made a lucrative and meaningful career at PUPS, and are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise with you. They are also enthusiastic about equipping their “human” clients (our valued PUPS members!) with knowledge that they can take home with them. 

As an “experienced groomer,” you’ll be equipped to provide the following:

  • Eagerly welcome any questions from our PUPS Club members.
  • Provide correct, confident and complete answers to member questions. 
  • Safely and efficiently bathe, blow-dry and brush-out in accordance with the dog’s hair type and other needs.
  • Style and cut to each breed’s specifications, and to each member’s preferences.
  • Trim nails, clean ears and express anal glands (as requested by members).
  • Support the safety, health and wellbeing of pups while under our care. 
  • Communicate with other team members to maintain up-to-date and accurate appointments. 
  • Pitch in to help the PUPS “family,” be it greeting and welcoming members and visitors, or supporting our daycare attendants. 
  • Maintain and take pride in the cleanliness of the grooming salon as well as the entire club. 
  • Brush teeth, provide skin therapy and other spa services (as needed).
  • Promote positivity in every interaction – with members, their pups, and our team!

Think you’re barking up the right tree with this opportunity? 

In addition to a rewarding and satisfy career, our groomers at PUPS are rewarded with many industry-defining benefits: 

  • Annual six-figure earnings potential (commission + tips)
  • 401 (k) plans 
  • Health insurance 
  • PTO (Paid Time Off for personal, vacation, holidays)
  • Employee referral program incentives
  • Complimentary daycare and overnights for your pup!
  • Continuing education, career advancement opportunities

Embark on a meaningful career, not “just a job,” within the exciting and sought-after pet care industry! Apply to join the PUPS team at http://pupspetclub.com/join-ou...